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Jellyfish Purple Stinger

Jellyfish Purple Stinger

Glowing like a jellyfish, these unique beaded earrings bring a touch of undersea charm to your jewellery box. Starting with white beads that evoke the delicate elegance of a jellyfish's body, these earrings gradually transition from purples and blues to subtle shades of pink. The purple stinger jellyfish colours inspire this piece's beauty and give it a dose of safety. A slight shimmer and a touch of underwater mysticism accompany every movement. Be the centre of attention and add sea exploration to your life with these stunning beaded earrings in the colours of an otherwise dangerous jellyfish.


  • Original Japanese beads
  • Ear-friendly stainless steel components
  • Durable Japanese nylon thread


    • size: 11.5 × 2.9 cm (4.53 × 1.14 in)
    • mass: 10.2 g
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