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Abstract Carnival

Abstract Carnival

These unique earrings are like a little burst of colour and energy that brings a sense of adventure to every day. Every bead and every shape is reminiscent of the joyful atmosphere of Carnival, where laughter mixes with dance music, and every moment is a celebration of life.

Handcrafted with love and care. Each earring is as unique as each smile at a carnival celebration. Be bold, be colourful and let these earrings be your guide to a world of joy and spontaneity!

✨ Brighten your wardrobe with earrings that will shine at every party and bring a touch of Rio adventure into your life! ✨


  • Original Japanese beads
  • Ear-friendly stainless steel components
  • Durable Japanese nylon thread


    • size: 18.2 × 2.9 cm (7.17 × 1.14 in)
    • mass: 15 g
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