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Moon Jellyfish from Coral Sea

Moon Jellyfish from Coral Sea

Experience oceanic elegance and graceful beauty with your bead earrings inspired by the Moon Jellyfish. This jellyfish species is harmless and essentially stingless, making it a safe and captivating choice as inspiration from the Coral Sea. Each bead strand represents one of the jellyfish's arms, moving gracefully with your every step. Delicate shades of cobalt blue, indigo, lilac, and soft pink are reminiscent of the vibrant colours of these creatures and the coral reef. Be bold, be yourself, and bring a piece of the underwater world into your life.



  • Original Japanese beads
  • Ear-friendly stainless steel components
  • Durable Japanese nylon thread


    • size: 10.3 × 2.5 cm (4.06 × 0.98 in)
    • mass: 8 g
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